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The entire programme met my expectation. Our time was not wasted. I started applying some of the things learnt even before the end of the programme. In short, on phone and on the first day of the programme, I won an account I had been prospecting for sometime, using some of the techniques.
Mohammed Nona Abubakar, Marketing, Minna Branch,



The entire programme was very rich and itís a value added programme. It brought out some salient issues that one needs to be conscious of during negotiations and above all, I am proud of the new set of skills acquired.
Omitogun Emmanuel, Senior Manager,Logistics,

MTN Nig. Communications Ltd


Many organizations face the challenge of developing greater confidence, initiative, solution¨ finding and problem-solving capabilities among their people. In the evolving business operating environment in Nigeria, organizations need staff at all levels to be more resourceful, creative, self-motivated and result-oriented. Professionals with multiple utility competences can operate at higher strategic levels, which make their organizations more productive and competitive.

In an increasingly competitive world, leaders need variety of skills to effectively manage their businesses, their regions, their departments and teams. For many businesses, the future is already taking shape. Consequently, leaders have to plan better, organize better, coordinate better, communicate better and lead better.

We are confident that you will find programmes that meet your objectives in our 2010 Schedule of Knowledge and Skill Development Programmes. You may also wish to post a comment or make a specific enquiry vide the electronic form on the website.

i-Skill Limited is a Knowledge Management and Competence Enrichment Company committed to empowering individuals and organizations with capacity building tools designed to optimize their personal, professional and corporate effectiveness.

Our objective is to assist organizations achieve exceptional superior performance from investments in their human capital by providing highly stimulating and interactive forum for finding practical solutions to organizational human capital challenges.

Our dedicated team of business solution experts shall be pleased to meet with you at your earliest convenience to make a formal presentation on how we can partner with you to create and sustain superior performance in your organization.

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